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Ms. Smith Bio

Ms. Smith grew up in a rural town in western North Carolina. She fell in love with science when her 7th grade teacher took her class outside for a quick nature walk. It was a great discovery to see how much there was to study right outside the door. She majored in Geology at Amherst College. She worked many jobs - selling jewelry and shoes, making candy and chocolates, and performing as an actor and a stage manager - before finding her passion as a teacher. She worked for five years as an SAT and ACT private tutor - two years in NYC before opening the company's office in Istanbul, Turkey and then transferring to the office in LA. Distressed with the way in which private SAT tutoring was enforcing a culture of privilege and inequity, she found a masters in teaching program that brought her back to NYC. She received her master in teaching for Earth Science through a specialized program at the American Museum of Natural History. She has taught in Harlem, Brooklyn, and the south Bronx. She was drawn to Explorations Academy because of their commitment to equity and the quality of the other teachers around her. She looks forward to helping each of her students succeed as much as possible, both personally and academically.