Electronic Device Policy: 2023-2024 School Year

Cell phones and other electronic devices--if any student chooses to bring electronics to school, they will be mandated to adhere to the following policy:

∙Cell phones (including earbuds, smartwatches, and other electronic devices) are not allowed in classrooms, hallways, bathrooms, or auditoriums. All electronic devices will be submitted to school staff at morning entry, pouched and secured (by student’s name and grade level), and stored in a safe, locked, location and will be returned to all students at dismissal, daily.

∙Should students need to use the phone to contact their families/guardians, they can use the phones in the main office, the guidance suite, the offices of our assistant principals, or the office of the principal at any time.

∙If families/guardians need to contact students, they should call the school at 718. 893.6173; families and guardians will immediately be placed in touch with their child. 


If students refuse to surrender their electronic devices or are found in possession of an electronic device anywhere in the school building after morning entry, the following ladder of infractions will be implemented:

1st Infraction: The parent/guardian will be called.

2nd Infraction: Students will receive detention during lunch - the dean on duty will hold the cell phone and the parent/guardian will be called.

3rd Infraction: The parent/guardian will be called to come in for a parent conference.

All students will be required to submit the sign-off below, acknowledging that they received a copy of the Electronic Device Policy. If a student does not return a signed statement to the main office and does not follow the policies outlined above, they will not be permitted to participate in any school trips or after-school activities (clubs, sports, etc.).