Mr. Kerry Eck, Global History Teacher

M.S., Secondary Education,  Wagner College, 

B.A.,  History, College of Staten Island

Mr. Eck joined the Explorations Academy High School Team in 2008.  Prior to joining Explorations Academy, Mr. Eck was Department Chairperson of Social Studies for South Plantation High School, located in Plantation, Florida.  While working at South Plantation high School, Mr. Eck focused on teaching the History and Mechanics of the United Nations. Upon returning to New York in 2008, Mr. Eck began to teach at Explorations Academy.  Mr. Eck has taught Global History, US History, Government, and Introduction to Law at Expo. Mr. Eck’s philosophy is that all students can offer knowledge during instruction. Most lessons are focused on student generated questions.  This leads to a class where all students feel welcome, needed, and appreciated. He maintains an atmosphere of order and mutual respect in his classroom by communicating expectations directly and clearly from the outset of the school year.  As a graduate of a New York City high school, Mr. Eck is proud to be teaching in the school system he is a graduate of and his motto through-out his career has always been SASSI which is an acronym for Students Achieving Social Studies Instruction